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Russell Hobbs 15081 Steamglide Iron

Product Features:

The Russell Hobbs 15081 Steamglide Iron is ceramic, comes with a soleplate and has anti-drip as well as anti-scale features.

The product also has a self cleaning feature including a variable steam.

Every iron comes with a warranty for 2 years. This has been stated in the packaging including the product IB that can be seen inside the box.

Product Description

The Russell Hobbs Steam Glide Iron can be ordered in the striking colour blue. It has 2400W of power and was created to effortlessly glide over fabrics.

The iron was created in order to cut down ironing time. Product makers have included steam settings as well as variable temperature.

It also comes with a 35g/ min of steam output as well as a 95g shot of steam that will make ironing easier.

Positive Features:

The Russell Hobbs 15081 Steamglide Iron comes with a time saving feature that users love.

The irons are also extra powerful because of the vertical steaming facility that product makers have added.

The iron is also very effective in removing wrinkles from curtains, furnishing fabrics and makes users hang their clothes faster than the average ironing tool.

It also comes with a fine mist water spray, it can help dampen dry areas, and it can also be used as a dry iron if needed.

The iron also comes with a self-clean function that allows users to save time.

The anti-drip mechanism also makes sure that it prevents any water leakage; garments are protected because of this additional function.

Product makers have also included a 360 degree swivel cord guard in order to make sure that the ironing process is easier.

The product is also lightweight; it is easy to use especially for grandmothers who are already having a hard time gripping ironing tools.


The soleplate is bigger than the average ironing tools, the steam button can easily get stuck and when that happens the power cable becomes unsafe.

The inner cables will come out, and the live electrical cores could be exposed.

There have been many clients who had major issues with the major cables, the user has to observe the cables in order to make sure that they are not protruding and will not cause any harm like electrical shocks.

The instructions on the manual are also a bit complex given that it is just a steam iron. It will take a while to figure out the function of the dials because of this.

The Verdict:

There had been major issues when it comes to the power cord safety of this product. But with proper care and attention this could be avoided.

There are still more positive aspects of the product instead of the negatives making it still a recommendable product to have.

It is also cheap but the product makers made sure to add useful features making it a worthy product to try.

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Bosch Steam Irons

Bosch TDA5620GB Sensixx Comfort Power 11 Iron

When shopping for an iron box, there are several things that a person should consider. Quality and durability of the piece of equipment are some of the important factors that should be looked at keenly. The Bosch TDA5620GB Sensixx Comfort Power 11 Iron turns your ironing experience into an easy and fun activity to do.

Bosch irons are known to be very reliable and efficient when working with any type of garment. This sophisticated machine works wonders on many of your clothes in a very short time. It has a smooth Palladium Glissee Ceramic soleplate and a really comfortable grip that make it very suitable for ironing. Water and steam control is perfectly calibrated to give the best results on whatever is being ironed.

There is very low possibility of destroying your garment when using this iron due to the automatic drip stop system controlled by the amount of heat being produced by the iron. Lime scale is one big bother for many people who frequently use irons. Using an iron on a day to day basis can result to the formation of lime scale on the surface of the plate. This greatly interferes with the efficiency of the appliance and this is not a good thing at all.
To prevent this from happen, this Bosch iron automatically lowers the possibility of the build up of lime scale on the plate. Hard water is the contributing factor to this phenomenon and therefore the appliance is made in such a way that it reduces the hardness of water considerably. When this happens, minimal lime scale is formed and the appliance works perfectly.

The appliance is then able to last longer thus making it more reliable than any other such product in the market. On top of this, the appliance has a self cleaning system that basically enables it to eliminate the dirt that accumulates on the plate. This is quite remarkable and very user friendly. Very few gadgets out there have such a useful and unique features incorporated into their designs.

All in all, this is a beautifully crafted product that has an attractive design that is just irresistible. It is not too heavy as some irons tend to be and therefore carrying it from one place to the other is very easy. It can be easily bought on Amazon at a very pocket friendly price. The product comes with a discount and free delivery can also be arranged for.

0.3 Liter Bosch Steam Iron

The Bosch steam iron, 0.3 liter, 3050 watt is basically a steam powered iron that is one of the best in the world. It is very powerful, boasting of a 3050 W output. It has been designed for comfort as well as an optimized steam distribution for the effective distribution of heat all over the iron. It is a unique model built from Bosch that makes ironing easier and cutting down on costs during the ironing. This is because of the regulation of the temperature and steam settings. It has specifically been developed for household use for softening and smoothing hard and creased clothes.

Description- Features and functions

Bosch steam iron boasts of various features as well as specifications that make it efficient for its performance such as:

– 3050 Watts power: It has been designed with a powerful machine which enables it for the best effective performance.

– 200 g/ min steam shot with drip stop leak protection: The 200 g/ min shot of steam enables in the smooth ironing of the clothes and easier softening.

– Design for comfort and convenience: The iron has a smooth and cool design for enhanced comfort while handling the iron, it enables for the best experience as well as convenience while using the iron for customer satisfaction.

– Built-in Anti Calc system: This system enables the iron to work perfectly anywhere, even in hard water areas.

-Energy saving capability: The bosch steam iron boasts of effectiveness in energy saving capability, where it can save up to 25% off for the energy through minimum consumption.Better performance: Due to the steam function, the bosch iron boasts of having a very good performance as compared to other irons that do not use steam.


– The bosch steam iron is equipped with a powerful machine of 3050 Watts enabling it to have an unbelievable performance.

– The iron uses a steam generator that enhances the ironing performance and complexity even on the hard clothes or material.

– It is able to save a lot of power, hence cutting down on cost as compared to other types of irons.- The iron is easy and convenient to use due to its shape and overview.


– If not used well or utilized well as required, it may result in problems or issues.- It may be a bit noisy due to the steam generator.


The bosch steam iron, 0.3 liter, 3050 Watt is one of the best irons ever produced. If you need a steam iron with the best performance, it is the best recommended iron due to its power and efficiency. You should try it today!

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Philips Azur GC4890/02

Looking for an efficient iron can be a daunting exercise. It is even harder considering the high emergence of new manufacturers of this product. However, with a good piece of information about the iron that you intend to buy, you can never make a wrong choice. The Philips Azur GC4890/02 Steam Iron with Anodilium Technology Soleplate, 2600 Watt – Black is one of the best you can ever get in the market.

The Philips Azur is a powerful ironing electronic that is specially designed with more steam to completely remove all the creases from a garment very quickly. It is a strong iron that cannot easily be scratched and is made of a powerful soleplate that glides smoothly on fabrics. It is an ideal iron for those looking for a long lasting and highly effective product. But why exactly is this iron the best?

First, Philips Azur has very wonderful features that help the user get all desired results. They include:

Vertical steam for effective ironing

A drip-stop system that allows ironing of delicate fabrics at low temperatures

It has a pointed tip that allows the user to reach even the unreachable corners.

Removes a fine spray (mist) for easy ironing

It has a double calc-system and an auto stop feature. Apart from being very powerful and fast in removing all the creases from a garment, It has pointed shaped soleplate to enable the ironing of corned areas.

Other benefits include:

Although it consumes relatively more energy but again it heats faster than the previous models. This means, you will still pay the same electricity bill as before but this time you will have a more efficient product. Its black and silver colour scheme is a wonderful combination for people looking for an attractive product to match with their beautiful homes. It is a very easy to use iron; you just plug in and switch on then turn the control disc to the type of material that you want to iron. It is very simple as even the temperature light will show when you reach to the correct heat. It has along cable and a good shaped base-plate that glides really well to make the whole process of ironing more enjoyable. Another advantage about this iron is that, when you buy it you will be given a two years warranty. This means when you discover any defect you can readily change it, get it repaired for free or even get a refund. In addition to the above benefits, Philips Azur iron can also be easily accessed on many online stores such as the Amazon.

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Tefal Steam Irons

Tefal Superglide FV3680

Ironing clothes is among the tasks that took a lot of courage for me to accomplish. Despite the fact that I did not like the task, my iron boxes got broken every now and then. Then I came across Tefal after a number searches and replacement of the iron boxes I got. Ironing clothes changed and the equipment lasted longer than the others.

The product

The appliance was designed by an engineer and French fisherman called Marc Grégoire. The engineer actually discovered a non-stick coating for his fishing rod that his wife thought would work well with home appliances. Tefal is a brand known for non-stick products and household appliances that are distributed across 120 countries. The company has created a niche in making household tasks easier. Moreover, the company is known to spearhead innovation.That is why it has come up with good products such as The Tefal Superglide FV3680 iron

Product description

The steam iron box has 2200watts capacity with 95g/min shots of steam. The Tefal Superglide FV3680 steam iron has 0-35g/ min variable steam. The iron operates with a vertical steam technology that is suitable for creasing garments. You should know that the steam output of an iron is measured in grams per minute. The higher the value of the grams of steam released per minute the more effective the iron in removing creases.

The other measure of the effectiveness of an iron is the power of the iron because it relates to how deep the steam penetrates the fabric. This makes your ironing easier for every fabric. With the ultraglide ceramic soleplate situated at the base of the iron, ironing with Tefal glides easily with effective steam distribution and scratch resistance. The design of the iron includes an extra wide heel that is convenient for the user to store the cord. It is also stable and safe with an anti-scale feature and a 270ml water tank to hold the steam.


The iron is smooth and does not crease because of the ultraglide soleplate technology

The ironing is easy , fast and has a quick refill

The iron is extra stable and safe because of the wide heel

The iron is anti-scale

Tefal is anti-dip


Have periodic leaks of water from the front of the iron


With the iron, you get value for your money. It makes iron an easy task and gives the desired results when it comes to reducing the creases on any fabric. The iron is also durable compared to the others.


Tefal Aquaspeed Ultracord FV5370G1

Choosing a steam iron can be a daunting task in these times of multitudes of models and designs options. But that is no reason to tear your hairs out yet. The Aquaspeed Ultracord premium steam iron is an answer to your creased laundry needs. With its exquisite design and its wide range of functionalities you need not search for an alternative.


The Aquaspeed Ultracord FV5370G1 premium steam iron from Tefal comes in a sleek design that combines with its light weight to make fast and easy work of your laundry basket. It carries a pretty standard sized water tank with a 300 ml capacity. It has a 2400 watts input requirement and delivers bursts of steam at 170 grams per minute for effective penetration and removal of even the toughest creases.


This appliance spots a unique Autoclean soleplate that is designed for long lasting ironing performance. It ensures smooth uninterrupted ironing by destroying the fibers that can stick onto your appliance and also destroy your clothes. This is done by a catalytic oxidation process that transforms these fibers into gas and steam. This smooth long lasting soleplate also boasts of its scratch resistant capabilities and its anti drip feature.

For your suits, this unique soleplate is also equipped with an Aquaspeed vertical steam function that is remarkable at getting creases out of hanging items including suits and curtains. The Aquaspeed is highly efficient at crease removal thanks to its Power Zone feature. The Power Zone is trigger controlled steam shooter that allows bursts of steam to be fired at two times its normal speeds.

The front panel water fill is fitted with a wide opening big enough to ensure fast refills with minimal spillage. It only takes four seconds for a full refill. The water storage tank also is easy to maintain due to its auto clean, anti drip and double anti scale features.


This design from Tefal provides a simple and safe front water tank fill opening. Its improved Easycord system ensures that you deter cord related accidents by keeping its 3 meter cord away from your clothes. Stability is paramount to the Aquaspeed as it is with all Tefal appliances. Its extra large open heel ensures easy and surely stable storage.

Overall verdict

The Tefal FV5370G1 Aquaspeed ultracord premium steam Iron is a power and impressive steam iron. It effectively combines power consumption and efficiency to ensure satisfaction. Its unrivaled stability is also commendable. It has an amazing range of steam through is Power Zone feature. Its unique soleplate ensures a long lasting and ultra smooth experience.


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Morphy Richards Turbosteam 40679 Steam Iron Diamond Soleplate

Morphy Richards are known for producing innovative and easy to use household appliances and with the release of the new Turbosteam iron consumers are assured of a premium quality product that will definitely do the job. With the introduction of the Turbosteam Iron Diamond Soleplate-Blue the process of ironing is set to change for the better.

Some of the key features of this turbosteam iron are;

· A powerful steam shot of 120 grams which utilises the Tip Technology. This technology allows the delivery of powerful shots of steam to areas which are hard to reach during ironing leaving clothes with a pristine finish.

· Variable steam. Different fabrics require different levels of ironing in order to remove creases. For instance, linen has a tendency to crease heavily therefore takes a longer time to iron to achieve desired results. With the ability to vary steam shots fabrics such as these can be easily ironed in a shorter period and in an easier manner.

· A transparent 400 ml water tank. By any standards the tank is huge and gives consumers enough time to get more ironing done without having to frequently refill the tank.

· A premium Diamond Soleplate which has an astounding glide ability allowing consumers to be able to iron faster in a more efficient and effective way. The material is also extremely durable thus provides consumers with value for money since its designed to last longer compared to other iron brands and models. Diamond Soleplate-Blue the process of ironing is set to change for the better.

· A 3 year warranty upon registration with Morphy Richards also gives the consumer assurance of the products quality and the manufacturers’ dedication to providing excellent after sale and customer care services.

This particular Morphy Richards’ iron package comes with a Turbosteam iron, an instruction booklet and a filler beaker. A quick look at the product on Amazon shows the turbosteam iron fetch a 4-star rating with over 70 customer reviews. And the stylish appearance of the iron doesn’t hurt a bit with the bright blue adding a pop of colour to the appliance.

Overall the Turbosteam iron is a good product definitely out to change the long boring ironing process into a fast and exciting process that saves time and energy.

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