Best Steam Irons Buying Guide

best steam ironsIt doesn’t matter if you iron your clothing in small groups in one long session or if you do it piece by piece as you are preparing for work each day, having the right steam iron can be the best friend your wardrobe has. In search of the best it is important to measure the temperatures of the soleplate, the level of steam production, and the weight and stability of the iron. It is also important to consider how easy the controls are to understand and use, how accessible the water tank is for filling, and how a range of consumers rates the products in terms of usefulness. Most importantly, it is a good idea to evaluate how well the iron will completely remove any wrinkles out of the fabric you are ironing.

Permanent press fabrics are good, but eventually you are going to have to take the time to steam or smooth out a few wrinkles to keep your garment looking crisp. The best steam irons heat rapidly, offer the right amounts of steam release, and they are easily maneuvered. If you travel frequently, having a version that is compact can be helpful in maintaining a wardrobe that is neat and tidy when you are having to live out of a suitcase. According to consumer research, there are many expert reviews that can recommend the right steam iron for home use or traveling on the road.  But take a look first at some of the bestselling steam irons right now to have an idea what’s popular.

Best-selling Steam Irons:

Black & Decker D2030
4 1/2 StarsAbout $45.00
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Rowenta DW5080
4 /12 StarsAbout $70.00
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Panasonic NI-E200T
4 1/2 StarsAbout $20.00
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Panasonic NI-E650TR
4 1/2 StarsAbout $29.00
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Rowenta DW8080
4 StarsAbout $80.00
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 The Best Steam Irons Have:

• Variable Fabric Adjustment: Having a range of settings for fabrics can effectively and safely handle silks that are delicate up to the toughest of linens.

• Adjustable Levels of Steam: Amp up the de-wrinkle factor with steam settings that similar to the heat setting should be fully adjustable. There should also be a setting for setting the steam level to off for delicate fabrics.

• Steam Burst and Mist Spraying Functionality: For the most stubborn wrinkles or permanent creases these features are helpful.

• Steaming Vertically: This is a very versatile setting that can allow the user to work the iron like a fabric steamer for things like drapes or hanging clothing.

• Self-cleaning Option: To prevent mineral buildup and clogging this features cleans the iron with the steam function.

• Automatic Shutoff Mode: After the iron has been idle for a certain amount of time, such as ten minutes the iron will automatically shut itself off.

What to Know Prior to Purchase:

• What kind of fabrics will you iron? If you wear cottons, linens, or denims that often have wrinkles that are difficult to remove, you should choose an iron that has spray features and steam burst options.

• What is the right amount of weight? Typically, irons shouldn’t be very heavy. Generally they weigh no more than five pounds or more. If you have a medical condition that makes it tiring when it comes to lifting then you will want to choose the lightest iron possible that will still get the job done. You might even consider a vertical steamer or compact travel iron in this situation.

• How well can you see the controls? All irons differ in the types of controls they have from dials, buttons, to digital screens. It is important to make sure they are easy for you to read. You also want to make sure the water marker that shows the reservoir is full is easy to see as well.

• What is your preference a clothes steamer or steam iron? Both devices will remove wrinkles that set into fabrics. According to some consumers, a steamer is faster and somewhat easier than using an iron. There are consumers who are more iron enthusiasts that say the steamer won’t give your garments the crispness or pressed look that can be provided with an iron. You should try both to see which one is right for you before making a final decision.
Unfortunately, Ironing is a necessary evil, however choosing the right iron will make this chore something more bearable.

The invention of permanent press fabrics did not entirely do away with the occasional need to bring out the ironing board and the iron to give a favorite blouse a crisp look or to redefine the creases in dress pants. For anyone who sews, quilts, or does any other hobby that involves fabrics, having a quality iron is a must. There is good news here in that having the right steam iron can give users a reduction in the time and frustration it takes to remove pesky wrinkles.

Traditional steam irons that are corded allow users to vary the steam settings. This allows you to have more steam for wrinkled fabrics that can be difficult such as cotton or less steam for more delicate fabrics like silks. Most irons offer pre-set settings for fabrics to help the user decide how much steam is necessary. Some features will include a burst-of-steam setting that will release a little more steam directly from the soleplate just for wrinkles that are being stubborn.
For irons that offer a vertical steam feature, users are able to hold the model upright and hit the burst setting to remove wrinkles from things like curtains or other types of hanging fabrics. The spray mist feature will spray water on the fabric. This is the most traditional method used for the increase of heat ratios that make pressing out wrinkles easier. For irons that are left unattended, most models have an automatic shutoff feature.

Because of their convenience and ease of use, cordless irons are rapidly growing in popularity among some consumers. Instead of having an iron that has a traditional cord tethered to a wall socket, a cordless iron has a base for power that heats up. The iron remains on the power base until it raises to the temperature desired. For many users, the cordless iron is a throwback to the earliest of irons that were made of solid cast iron or metal and heated over a fire or on a stove. Today’s cordless models however feature high-tech designs and many reviewers claim they are a replacement for the traditional models that are corded.

Most travel irons will have all the same features that the full sized models offer. The biggest difference between them is that a travel iron is compact and lighter in weight so it will fit into a suitcase properly. But when it comes to removing wrinkles these irons are not wimpy at all. Most hotels will offer travelers an ironing board and an iron, however a small steamer travel iron is often most preferred for fast touch-ups. Typically, travel irons are very popular among sewers and quilters for taking to conventions or the classroom setting.

There is a lot of information available for finding the best steam iron around for those reluctant fabrics that wrinkle to those who are just passionate about having pressed clothes. There is a great deal of consumer research available that analyzes all kinds of steam irons while taking in consumer reviews to show the best performance and ease of use.
Today’s newer steam iron models may make you reconsider that visit to the local dry cleaner to get that fresh pressed look. Most of the models that are available today are safe and easy to use and they will release enough steam to smooth out linens and dry cottons. The latest tests reveal the even models that are budget-friendly can make your most casual garments look their very best.

To obtain that pressed, crisp look you don’t have to drop a large bundle on an iron purchase either. Most manufacturers today are offering cutting edge features like cords that are retractable, displays that are digital, or steaming that is drip-free. Some of these fancier models can cost well over $100. It is important to select a model that works well and will fit into your usage and your budget.

More Steam Irons Buying Tips

• First, give consideration to your clothing: If you press certain fabrics often such as denim or linen you should choose a model of iron that will have a burst-of-steam and steam settings that can be adjusted or turned off.

• Try the model before you buy it: It is important to make sure the model fits comfortably in your hand. Some models are too large for smaller hands and vice versa.

• Review the Controls: All models have different kinds of controls. They vary from sliders, to dials, to digital readouts. It is important that the controls are easily adjustable and the markings for the fabric settings are well defined.
After you have completed your iron purchase, there are some things you can do to ensure it lasts longer and is easy to use.

• Avoid using tap water: Most manufacturers will recommend that you use distilled water in your iron. This is to help avoid any mineral deposits and build up that could develop on the iron. Typically, the manual that comes with the model you select will give you the best advice.

• Be sure to clean the soleplate: To remove any residue that can build up it is important to wipe down the soleplate after every few uses. If you use starch, it is a good idea to wipe it down after each use.

• Minimize leakage: When you use the iron at lower temperatures, sometimes leaking can occur. To avoid any dribbling or leaking make sure that delicate fabrics are pressed prior to adding water to the iron’s water well. After you have finished ironing your garments that required steam, empty out the water well. This will reduce the likelihood of any dripping as well as providing the added benefit of the heat evaporating any moisture that remains. That way deposits won’t be left behind on the heating plate. After you have completely finished ironing, empty any excess water from the well and place the iron on a surface that is solid.

• Pressing Hanging fabrics: Some models allow you to use a burst of steam option to use the iron in a vertical fashion for the removal of wrinkles for things like garments on hangers or curtains.

Popular Steam Irons Brands

It is important to get to know the brands that are available for steam irons. There are many manufacturers’ names out there that are familiar like Black & Decker, Hamilton Beach, and Sunbeam. They all still sell a lot of irons and you can even find models from T-Fal, Rowenta, and Panasonic. The following profiles will help give you some basic information about the available brands.

Black & Decker Models: In this category, Black & Decker is a major brand. The offer a wide variety of irons with different types of sole plates including those that nonstick surfaces or stainless steel. They also have a newly introduced version that is ceramic. This brand also is offering newer technology in the steam and temperature settings, including settings at lower temperatures. They can be purchased at most major department stores and online retailers. Their models are priced from $20 to $80.

• Euro-Pro Shark Models: This is a brand that is mid-market range with products that have a stainless steel style or a look that is more retro. This brand is available at major retailers, appliance stores, and online. The models are priced from $30 to $100.




• GE Models: These irons are considered to be a value brand that have the most basic of features. They are available through Walmart and cost between $20 to $30.

Hamilton Beach Models: This is a major brand that makes a product that is considered to be upscale. It is sold in department stores, appliance stores and through online retailers. Their models are priced at $30 to $80.





Panasonic Models: This brand of iron is considered to be a mid-market ranged product. These models come with a ceramic or stainless steel soleplate. They also have models available in cordless versions as well. These models are sold at stores like Walmart and Target, appliance stores, as well as online retailers. The prices range from $40 to $120.




Rowenta Models: This is a European brand that is considered to be a premium scale. These models come in nonstick or a stainless steel version of the soleplate and they have many features available. There are typically sold through department stores, specialty stores, or through online retailers. The range in price from $50 to $150.





Sunbeam Models: This brand has products that are available as a low to midrange level. They come in soleplates that are stainless steel and nonstick. They are sold at a variety of retailers that include department stores and specialty stores and chains like Walmart or Target. The prices vary from $20 to $60.







T-Fal Models: Irons made by T-Fal come with a non-stick soleplate. They are available in most major chain retailers like Walmart or Target, as well as department stores like Kohl’s and through online retailers. Their prices vary from $30 to $90.






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